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Is it Safe to Drive Through Mexico?

I’m sitting on a beach on the Baja peninsula writing this piece. While Baja is more insulated in many ways than the mainland, a family barbecuing on the beach just insisted on feeding me and while their kids played with my dog. This friendly encounter is not uncommon here or […]

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Traveling in Mexico with a Dog

If you’re wondering – Can I take my dog to Mexico by car? The answer is YES! Mexico is dog friendly for many travelers, especially those who choose driving over flying. While you can fly into the country, it does make things more difficult. Rental car companies may not allow […]

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Mexico Border Crossing Requirements

Crossing the Mexico border by car is fairly straightforward but you must complete each step of the process. The requirements vary based on location with Baja and the border zone having different requirements than the bulk of the mainland. It’s only a few steps but each is important to ensure […]

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What to Expect when Driving through Mexico

Driving through Mexico can be a wonderful experience if you understand the driving culture, rules of the road, laws and the difference between toll roads and unpaid roads. Always do your research before taking a trip and plan stops along the way. Driving at night is not recommended but luckily, […]