About Us

Owner, Zach Lazzari spent several years driving the Pan American highway in an old Astro Van. Each country had it’s own challenges with finding car insurance and he developed a knack for border crossings and paperwork.

He started the trip with a few months of driving through Baja and across the mainland. Mexico was an incredible experience with remote beaches, giant mountains, incredible food and wonderful people.

After returning to the US, he returned to Mexico and has continued to return each winter, driving and exploring across the country. After forging deep roots with Mexico, Zach launched Cross Border Coverage to provide an easy means of finding and securing quality auto insurance.

Where is home base?

Many of our competitors are based in border states. Zach spends a significant amount of each year in Mexico, where the insurers are based. During the summer months however, he stays home in Montana, operating the digital business. He is a licensed producer for property and casualty lines of insurance.

He frequently drives across the Baja peninsula and is building a video archive of routes and border crossings for all of Mexico. The ultimate goal is to provide travelers with insights, safety tips and support on their own journeys.

Feel free to reach out anytime with questions about different processes and routes. This website offers an easy means to securing quality insurance coverage but it’s also designed to answer questions and assist travelers seeking information during the planning phases of a trip.