Mexico Travel Insurance

Travel insurance in Mexico is a huge benefit for most folks. It’s not just something to put your mind at ease but it can really move mountains in an emergency. There are different levels of coverage with options for that emergency only Medevac or full coverage for trip cancellation, delays, medical evacuation, medical coverage while traveling and more. 

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Types of Travel Insurance for Mexico

Medical Evacuation Plans – This is the parachute everyone should carry while traveling. If things go south and you’re in bad shape, this plan will transport you to your home hospital of choice. That’s right, if you’re in Mexico and have a medically warranted transport, it will get you home to a hospital you choose.

Travel Medical Plans – If you get sick or have an accident while traveling, this covers you in the foreign location. It’s a nice add-on option to the Medical Evacuation plans to help with expenses that may incur without the need for a full medical evacuation. If you want the most robust option for emergencies and medical help, get the Medical Evacuation and Travel Medical Coverage bundled with a comprehensive plan.

Trip Cancellation Plans – Planning a big trip? Insure the entire thing with a trip cancellation plan. This will cover lost baggage, trip delays and various costs and losses when things go wrong with the airlines, hotels and tour companies. Trip protection can really save the day when things just don’t work out.

Does this only cover Mexico travel?

You can choose to only have coverage in Mexico but many travelers are visiting other countries as well. When you select a plan, it will ask which countries you are visiting. Choosing coverage for more than one location or for a general global plan is an option. 

If however, you only plan to visit Mexico, select that option for the best possible price. 

Covid Related Travel Insurance Coverage

Medical coverage plans include Covid related illness as well. Many countries with tourism based economies are requiring this to prevent overwhelming their healthcare systems. Mexico travel insurance plans include Covid related illness as do all other countries selected for coverage. 

You will receive a card to print, screenshot and save after purchasing your policy. Carry this in your passport to present if requested. Ground borders are less likely to request proof of travel insurance but airport locations may ask for proof of coverage. 

Cost for Mexico Travel Insurance

The pricing varies based on a few factors. Length of your trip, countries visited and the coverage chosen will all influence the end price. Our travel insurance partner plans are robust and competitive. More importantly, the customer service is fantastic. 

We have invested the time in distilling down travel insurance providers to the absolute based, saving you the time required to shop around and get quotes without knowing the insurance landscape.

Get a quote for your next trip. It’s quick, easy and you can seal the deal on the spot. Nobody regrets being covered when they need assistance in a foreign country. 

Huge Perks that Will Save Your Grass

Several coverage items for Mexico will make life soooo much easier. RV and vehicle travelers driving across the border especially stand to benefit.

  1. Return of your stranded RV or vehicle after Medevac up to $5000 USD
  2. Daily, annual and custom long term travel plans available
  3. Transportation for travel companion, spouse and/or children

There are plenty more perks included, especially for plans with medical coverage. Research the benefits on each different plan and decide which is best for you. You will also have the option to select for Mexico only. Choose this option for the best price for your Mexico trip. If you plan to cross other borders however, make sure to select the additional countries.

As always, driving in Mexico requires a separate Mexican car insurance policy to cover your liability requirements and vehicle.