Can I Buy Mexican Auto Insurance Online?

Buying Mexican auto insurance online is easy but paying close attention to ensure you are working with a trusted agent is important. Online policies are easy and quick to obtain from anywhere and you can print them off or grab screenshots and downloads on devices to keep your documents handy.

Finding insurance at a physical location at the border is also an option. Most border areas have agencies present with obvious signage. Some of the busier borders are chaotic however and it’s easy to miss your stop. Make sure to plan ahead and even call ahead for a quote to compare against online agencies.

How Instant Issue Mexican Online Policies Work

Online Mexican insurance policies are often referred to as Instant Issue. You first visit a website just like ours and follow the navigation to a quote form. You won’t need an agent or anyone present to simply enter your information and generate a quote.

On the quote form, add your vehicle information, travel dates and basic desires to check pricing and coverage options. You can always play with different coverage types to compare pricing differences.

A few pieces of information to have ready for the quote include:

  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Information about towed units
  • Value of your vehicle
  • Desired coverage (liability only, full or extended)

Additional information you may need for the purchase process include:

  • VIN number and license plate info
  • Existing insurance policy information (for full coverage policies)

After entering everything, you will have a price listed for the selected coverage and dates. Temporary Mexican auto insurance can run for single or several days but six month and annual plans are also available. If the price and coverage looks acceptable, go ahead and complete the required information like the VIN to reach the point of purchase.

Avoiding Scams and Buying with Confidence

As with anything, you should always be on the lookout for scams. It’s not often that any are visible in the insurance space but anything is possible. When looking at agencies and determining which you want to use, there are a few ways to ensure the company is real.

  1. Check the insurance licensing number
  2. Verify the agency license number with the state in which the license is issued. Mexican insurance agencies (for tourist policies) can have licensing in any state or multiple states.
  3. Check the status with the Better Business Bureau
  4. Verify the Business is real and licensed in the listed state

Knowing that you are working with a real business is a good first step. Many agencies are well established and reputable as well. At Cross Border Coverage, we encourage you to check our background and you are welcome to give us a call anytime as well. Insurance is our business but we are always excited to talk about your trip and offer general advice for travelers.

Shop Quotes Like a Pro

Quote shopping while buying Mexican auto insurance online is a normal process. It’s a good idea to look around and get a feel for the market before landing on a policy and favorite agency. Agencies sell policies from one or more of the Mexican insurers and you can look at the ratings for these companies as well.

Focus on policies offered by established insurers and reliable agencies. Names like CHUBB (ABA Seguros), AIG, GNP and El Aguila are established and stable companies. Some are large multi-national companies with expansive customer service and claims departments (ABA and AIG).

Your quotes should be very similar across the various agencies and quote forms. Beware of anything that is too good to be true with extremely low pricing. Always double check the coverage and look for transparency before committing to a policy.

Online Mexican Insurance Agencies

You will find plenty of online agencies selling policies. We built Cross Border Coverage to help you find excellent coverage at great rates. We take things to the next level by committing to our customers through customer service and guidance. Your trip to Mexico is important and we help by answering questions about border crossings, routes, rules of the road and more.

Get in touch anytime to discuss your Mexico road trip and to find coverage from an agency that cares.