Mexico Watercraft Insurance

Like auto’s, RV’s and camper vans, Mexico watercraft insurance is mandatory. The minimum legal requirement is 3rd party liability for all watercraft 15-feet or longer.

These boats also require a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) that can be obtained at the border. It lasts for 10-years and is eligible for a single extension of another 10-years. If you cross the border frequently, you can continue crossing back and forth with the watercraft on the same permit.

Mexico watercraft insurance is made for:

  • Anglers bringing their own watercraft
  • Sailboats in the water
  • Yachts and leisurecraft
  • Personal watercraft

Third Party Liability for Mexican Watercraft Insurance:

This is required as a minimum and we have policies issued by the day, six month term or annual term. Multiple levels of liability limits are offered. If you run a small fishing boat in remote waters, risk is lower. Running speed boats in more populated areas calls for the highest limits in our opinion.

  • Third Party Bodily Injury – $50k, $100k, $250k options
  • Third Party Property Damage – $100k, $300k, $500k options
  • Legal Assistance & Bail Bond – $100k, $100k, $250k options

Follow the orange button above for an instant quote for liability policies on your watercraft. You can quote multiple watercraft on the same form for convenience as well.

After viewing the quote, you can purchase instantly. To finalize your Mexico watercraft insurance policy, you will need:

  • General personal information
  • Driver’s license number and state of issue
  • Waterways in which you will travel (checklist of options)
  • Make, model and Hull ID of watercraft
  • Registration number, US insurance company name and policy number

Checkout is easy with a credit card you can print the documents immediately or access them from your confirmation email anytime. Keep in mind, this covers you for third party damage and injury on the water but not on the road. When you purchase a vehicle policy, add your boat as a towed unit to ensure coverage while traveling on land.

Hull Damage and Full Coverage Mexican Boat Insurance

We can work on custom quotes for unique situations when third party options are not sufficient. High value watercraft like yachts, power boats and sail boats often call for unique coverage to account for damage, theft, vandalism, hurricane coverage, etc.

If you have a unique situation and want to discuss options, contact us with your information here.