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puerto adolfo lopez mateos
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Visiting Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos

While many Baja visitors are familiar with the magic of Magdalena Bay, very few reach this small seaside town on the northside of the bay. Situated against backwaters and mangroves channels, it’s best known for whale watching and fishing. Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos is quiet, simple and it has plenty […]

los algonodens dentist
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Guide to Visiting the Los Algodones Dentist

It’s a one-of-a-kind destination where groups of Americans and Canadians walk across the Mexican border each day. Los Algodones is also called Molar City because the streets are lined with dentist offices. On average, the cost of dental work is 80% less than the United States. I’ve crossed the border […]

new mexico border
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Easy Guide to the New Mexico Border

While Arizona, Texas and California garner most of the border attention, the New Mexico Border is also worth considering for a trip. It’s a shorter length at roughly 180 miles with only three border crossing locations. Although less trafficked than other states, it’s a beautiful border region with plenty to […]

texas mexico border map
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Texas Mexico Border Guide

At more than 1,250 miles long, the Texas Mexico border is far and away the longest border state in the United States. It shares multiple cities with Mexico, has a massive amount of commerce that crosses in both directions and shares a unique border culture. The Texas border is a […]

driving from phoenix to mexico border
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Driving from Phoenix to Mexico Border

Phoenix is a short drive to the Mexico border and Arizona in general is a gateway to some exciting destinations in Mexico. The state has several popular border crossings, many of which are highly regarded as being safe and reasonable in terms of traffic and wait times. Overall, reaching any […]

driving san diego to mexico
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Driving from San Diego to Mexico

San Diego is a major jumping off point for entry from California to Mexico. It’s a laid back city that shares a coastline and similar geography to northern Baja and it offers a number of ways to reach the border. Driving from San Diego to Tijuana is far and away […]

baja whale watching
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The Complete Baja Whale Watching Guide

While the peninsula is loaded with outdoor opportunities, it’s the Baja whale watching that gets many visitors excited. I started visiting the region with a focus on the fishing and incidentally ran into whales. I can remember paddling a kayak in the Sea of Cortez when a whale surfaced and […]