Mexico ATV and UTV Insurance

ATV’s open a world of fun in Mexico and they are popular for good reason. Several methods of bringing an ATV to Mexico exist (permanent or temporary import) with options for coverage for the ATV while being driven or coverage of the towed unit only. It depends on how the ATV is used in Mexico and what level of coverage you want for the unit.

Common ATV/UTV Coverage Includes:

  • Physical Damage
  • Total Theft
  • Fixed Deductibles
  • 3rd Party Liability
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Return Tickets Home
  • MedEvac to Home Hospital (depending on term and plan)
  • Vehicle Return (depending on term and plan)

Street Legal ATV/UTV Insurance in Mexico

Mexican ATV insurance is limited to conventional use on regular roads for street legal, registered ATV/UTV units. Off-road use is not covered and coverage does extend to towing with the ATV. Not to be confused with having the ATV covered while being towed on your regular auto policy (covered next).

This means your coverage will not extend beyond the township roads and common routes and it has basic limitations. Getting around town and cruising legal roads however is covered on your ATV/UTV.

Coverage While Towing

Your ATV is attached to your Mexican auto insurance policy for liability while in tow automatically (towed behind your vehicle). You can also get theft and damage attached to auto policy for towed unit through extended coverage policies.

Coverage stops when ATV leaves the towed unit and this is where you will want a separate policy specific to driving the ATV.

Additional Mexico Travel Insurance Recommendation

Adding a dedicated travel insurance plan for Mexico extends your coverage. MedEvac to a hospital of choice, return of your vehicle to the United States, trip cancellation and other coverage are offered with specifics depending on the plan choice. We can also cover your watercraft, auto, camper and more. Try our quick quote forms to get coverage for all of your toys and primary mode of transportation.