Author: Zach Lazzari

mexico power outages

Mexico Power Outages

For those of us living in Mexico or visiting for the long term, planned power outages are something we must expect. In Mexico, utilities are sometimes shut down in anticipation of storm events. Hurricanes, lightning, wind and other risks to the power grid are cheaper to manage through rolling outages […]

mulege baja california
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Visiting Mulege – Baja California

Located in Baja Sur, Mulege is a town that captures visitors. In fact, some will visit and end up staying or returning every year because it’s such a wonderful place. The town itself is small with narrow, one-way streets and nice restaurants and shops. It has a great public beach […]

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What Can You Bring Into Mexico?

This question comes up again and again. It’s especially common for people driving into Mexico because you have plenty of cargo space. For flights, the amount of things you bring naturally is less so it’s not a big issue. There are some things to consider either way however.  Items that […]

san ysidro sentri lane
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San Ysidro Sentri Lane

Driving to the Sentri Lane at San Ysidro is only possible using a few different routes. It’s extremely important to understand that Google Maps is NOT accurate for directions. In fact, the border lanes at most crossings are not reliable with mapping apps and you are best off researching and […]

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Using a Sentri Pass at Border Crossings

So you’re a regular border hopper and you’re tired of waiting in long general lines. The Sentri Lanes offer a means of crossing the border quickly through a card carrying program. You can only use these lanes with an official Sentri Card that is awarded after an application process. For […]

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Mexico Border: How to Use the Ready Lane

When you drive from Mexico back into the US, there are three lane options – Sentri, Ready and All Traffic. For the average person who crosses occasionally, all traffic is the primary option. These lanes are also the busiest and slowest when traffic peaks. Sentri Lanes require a special pass […]