Mexican Car Insurance for American and Canadian Plated Vehicles

We offer high liability limits and full coverage options through Mexico’s premium insurers. Our online quote system shows multiple policy options side by side with lists of coverages provided under each Mexican Car Insurance policy. You can purchase temporary Mexican auto insurance by the day or choose 6-month and 12-month terms for longer or more frequent visits.

Ideal for:

  • Americans and Canadians Crossing the Border
  • Temporary Mexican Auto Insurance – Daily Policy Options
  • 6 and 12 month term
  • Car, Truck, RV, Camper Van, ATV/UTV, Motorcycle

Watch this guide about how to buy Mexican Auto Insurance Online Through Our System

Our Insurers

We work with the top insurance companies in Mexico. The ABA Rating system shows their standing in the market. Each company has English speaking representatives to assist with claims and customer service.

ABA Seguros (Chubb) – A+ parent company ABA Rating

Qualitas – B+ AM Best Rating

HDI – A+ Am Best Rating

Basic Included Coverage

Civil Liability: We recommend selecting a minimum of $300,000 in liability coverage. Choosing the higher $500,000 is ideal and will give you peace of mind on the road. Each Mexican state has different minimum requirements but going for higher liability is prudent regardless of the destination.

  • $500,000 CSL
  • $300,000 CSL
  • $100,000 CSL
  • $50,000 CSL

Bond and Legal Assistance (varies by carrier) – Legal assistance is a critical component for Mexico Auto Insurance Policies. In the event of an accident and especially a fatal accident, the police can hold drivers on felony charges until the investigation is completed to determine cause. Legal assistance can get you out of jail on bond while providing guidance and legal help through the process.

Medical Payments (varies by carrier) – Medical payments to 3rd parties injured in accidents have varying payouts based on the policy chosen.

Travel Assistance – Personal Travel Assistance is included on many policies for roadside and medical assistance.

Physical Damage – Named Perils

  • Collision, rollover, glass breakage, fire, lightening, explosion, natural phenomena
  • Total theft

Deductible Options

  • Percentage – 2% collision and 5% theft (subject to company minimums, varies by carrier)
  • Fixed – $500 collision and $500 or $1000 total theft. ATV/UTV is $2000 for both depending on carrier.

Extended Coverage Endorsement

  • Increased Medical Payments
  • Increased Bond and Legal Assistance
  • Coverage for Partial Theft and Vandalism Subject to $500 deductible
  • Waiver of deductible if 3rd party is at fault
  • Increased labor rate if vehicle is repaired in US ($100/hr)
  • Modified GAP Coverage (Adds an additional 15% to KBB Value)

MexVisit – Optional travel, roadside and medical assistance. Some plans include MexVisit as a policy extension.

Eligible Vehicles

  • Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Vans
  • RVs and Travel Trailers
  • Motorcycles and Trikes
  • ATV/UTV and Golf Carts

Mexican Car Insurance Exclusions

  • US Liability Suits
  • Passenger Liability
  • Invalid Driver’s License
  • Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Off-road from conventional Mexican roads
  • Race support vehicles or runners

Understanding Towed Units

Liability is extended to towed units. This means your watercraft, ATV or trailer are covered while being towed behind your insured vehicle. This coverage does not cover towed units when detached. So, when your boat hits the water and the ATV tires hit the pavement, a separate policy is required for coverage. You can hover cover these items in transit as towed units.

Third Party Liability Recommendations

Liability insurance is the minimum requirement for driving a vehicle in Mexico. Extended coverage will increase coverages for things like theft and vandalism but at a minimum, you need 3rd party liability. Different 3rd party liability limits are available as you will see on the quote form.

Each Mexican state has different minimum liability amounts for Mexican car insurance policies. We recommend a minimum of $300,000. Choosing the higher $500,000 limit is ideal however. At the very least, choose the minimum required limit for each state in which you plan to drive.

Why do you need car insurance in Mexico?

country road in Chiapas
Country road in Chiapas

Insurers in the United States and Canada often allow for crossing the northern border freely but that coverage stops at the southern Mexico border. Some insurers may cover a limited range within Mexico but Mexican law requires insurance from a Mexican insurer.

You can check with your home carrier for options and they may have recommendations. In most cases, you will simply need a new policy for driving in Mexico. Luckily, the tourist policies are flexible with daily terms. You can opt for a single day, week or month. Long term or frequent travelers have 6-month and annual policy term options as well.

We serve the entire border and cover all of Mexico. If you are searching for policies in these places, save some time and just buy online.

Resources to Understand the Mexican Car Insurance Market

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Online Buyers Guide – Many first time buyers are concerned about the online process. Learn more about how we manage online quoting and instant issue for your convenience.

Mexican Auto Insurance Cost Comparisons – We pulled several quotes into this piece to help shoppers visualize rates for different types of vehicles. When you are ready to see your own rates, use the link above for a no obligation quote.

Temporary Insurance Guide – The regular travelers will renew annually but many visitors are road-tripping for the short term. Learn about the daily rate options and when it makes sense to purchase at six month or annual intervals.