Mexican Insurance in Nogales

Looking for affordable Mexican insurance in Nogales? You can wait in line at a physical location or save time and buy online. We offer instant issue policies by the day or for six month and annual terms for autos, RV’s, camper vans, boats, atv’s and motorcycles. If you choose the longer terms, crossing back and forth on the same policy is acceptable.

To obtain Mexican car insurance for Nogales, you will need:

  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • Value of the vehicle
  • VIN number
  • Home country insurance policy number (not required for liability only policies)

You have the option for liability only, comprehensive and extended coverage for most vehicles as well. After grabbing your policy and crossing the border into Mexico, you will also need to obtain an FMM visa and TIP at the Banjercito just south of Nogales.

Where to cross the border in Nogales?

Two primary border crossings exist in Nogales. You can drive or walk across the pedestrian crossing at the Dennis DeConcini port of entry directly through downtown. This crossing places you in Nogales, Mexico with close proximity to the Centro. It’s also located on highway 15 which shoots directly south to Mexico City.

If you want a wider crossing for bigger vehicles and RV’s, the west side of Nogales offers the Mariposa Crossing. It has plenty of room and numerous lanes, especially when returning to the United States. Mariposa is the preferred border crossing for most travelers who don’t have plans in Nogales, Mexico directly but rather are looking for a suitable entry to travel south.

Mariposa places you on the 15D south which links back up with highway 15 which leads south down the Pacific Coast and eventually towards Mexico City.

Lodging Near the Border

A fair number of budget hotel and motel options are available on both sides of the border with many being located near the highway. The Holiday Inn Express, Best Western or Candlewood Suites in Arizona are ideal for folks crossing at Mariposa.

Anyone wanting to cross into the city center in Mexico can stay at the Time Motel or Quality Hotel near the border crossing. There are a few other options in this area as well.

On the Mexico side, look for options that offer secure parking and easy access from a main road. Big rigs will require some extra searching to find something suitable. Plenty of options are available immediately across the border, including the Hotel Fray Marcos de Niza and the Hotel Colonial de Nogales. Both are convenient to the downtown crossing and not the Mariposa crossing.

In fact, you won’t find any hotel options off the 15D so plan on seeking lodging a little farther to the south or head into the city. The Fiesta Inn is close to the junction with highway 15 and 15D if you want something in that specific area.

Things to do in Nogales

Wondering how to spend all that extra time after picking up your insurance policy online? If you stay on the Arizona side and have some time to kill, explore the city center and enjoy the rich border culture. The town is known for having exceptional Mexican food and there are some interesting landmarks like the Santa Cruz County Courthouse.

Not much changes on the Mexico side in terms of enjoying great food. Hit the street carts or sit down somewhere to dine-in. The immediate border area has dentists and pharmacies that serve border crossing Americans. Not many visitors stroll beyond these first couple of blocks however as this is not necessarily a tourist destination.

If you do venture into the centro of Nogales, be cautious and understand that poverty is the norm in this town. Panhandlers will approach and you will also find sidewalks and streets in poor condition. Most folks use the Mariposa crossing and skip Nogales entirely.