calling from mexico to usa
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Calling from Mexico to USA and Canada

Dialing out of Mexico with a US or Canadian phone creates a surprising amount of confusion. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to make regular calls and the big providers tend to offer free calling from Mexico to the USA for folks on vacation. Some even provide data while traveling. Country Codes […]

baja sur travel guide
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Baja Sur Travel Guide

Cabo San Lucas might take all the attention but it’s not the only place worth visiting in Baja Sur. For the purpose of an even division with our Baja North travel guide, this one will start at Santa Rosalia and move south.  Highway 1 – Santa Rosalia to Loreto There’s […]

mexico dental tourism
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Dental Tourism in Mexico

Dental treatments are not cheap in the USA and many seek dentists south of the border to reduce costs. Operating in Mexico is much cheaper and many dentists have very affordable services, often charging less than half the normal price. Dental tourism is a major industry, especially in the border […]

baja travel guide
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Northern Baja California Travel Guide

Northern Baja is loaded with incredible places to visit, many being a short drive across the US border. It’s spectacular having two oceans and a variety of inland places to explore here. We have a series of driving videos on our YouTube channel documenting and showing many of the roads […]

mexico safety driving
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Is it Safe to Drive Through Mexico?

I’m sitting on a beach on the Baja peninsula writing this piece. While Baja is more insulated in many ways than the mainland, a family barbecuing on the beach just insisted on feeding me and while their kids played with my dog. This friendly encounter is not uncommon here or […]

mexico with a dog
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Traveling in Mexico with a Dog

If you’re wondering – Can I take my dog to Mexico by car? The answer is YES! Mexico is dog friendly for many travelers, especially those who choose driving over flying. While you can fly into the country, it does make things more difficult. Rental car companies may not allow […]