Mexican Insurance in Yuma, AZ

Yuma is situated in the southwest corner of Arizona, not far from the California border. It’s also adjacent to the Mexico border. In fact, visitors can walk (or drive) from Yuma right across the border.

For the drivers, you will need to grab Mexican insurance in Yuma first. You can save time and buy Mexican auto insurance online right here.

Traveling from Yuma to Mexico

It’s pretty obvious when looking at the map that Yuma is super close to the border. Although it’s convenient, you still need to have everything in order before making the trip. Pedestrian traffic is the easiest and a simple turnstile exists for quick entry and exit on foot. Dental tourism is popular in Los Algodones and many folks park in the USA and walk across.

Tip for pedestrians – Have your passport ready when crossing. It will make the return trip fast and easy.

For drivers, you will need a passport, FMM permit and your vehicle registration along with a Mexican car insurance policy (or RV, motorcycle, etc). We have everything you need for border crossings listed here for easy reference.

While medical tourism is a major reason for crossing the border near Yuma, it also happens to be convenient for traveling to Baja. You can choose one of several nearby crossings to quickly catch Highway 5 South en-route to the Sea of Cortez.

Border Crossings Convenient to Yuma, AZ

Yuma to Los Algodones – This is the closest and most logical option for anyone in or near Yuma. From town, you take the Interstate 8 east to 186 South. Right after passing through Andrade, you will reach the crossing. It’s roughly 10-miles from downtown.

Yuma to Mexicali – Not far to the west is this larger crossing between Calexico, CA and Mexicali. It’s roughly one hour to reach the Mexicali East or West Crossing point. Either will connect you to Highway 5 south rather quickly. These are fairly busy border crossings but they also have the space necessary for larger RV’s to cross over.

Yuma to San Luis – Directly to the south of Yuma is the San Luis border crossing. It’s only 22 miles away and is a nice, quiet crossing. It also has plenty of space for RV’s and fifth wheels. You can still cut across to Mex Highway 5 rather quickly from here. As an alternative, you can traverse the northern edge of the Sea of Cortez to reach Rocky Point and to continue into the mainland.

What type of Mexican Insurance Should You Get in Yuma?

If you are only crossing for a short period of time, consider a daily rate policy. It makes sense cost-wise when you run 1-7 days. Beyond that time-frame, it makes sense to pursue a six month or annual Mexican insurance policy. If there’s any possibility of multiple trips across a 12-month period, it really makes sense to go for the annual term.

Liability Policies – This is the most economical route and it fulfills your legal obligation to carry insurance in Mexico. If you are only crossing the border a short distance and/or don’t have a high valuable vehicle, liability is a common option.

Full Coverage – Several levels of full coverage exist and they have you covered for damage, theft and more. For valuable vehicles and maximum protection, the full coverage options are ideal.

Should You Add a Travel Insurance Policy for Mexico?

Having a travel policy is super valuable in many cases. For day-trippers, it’s not a real necessity but for longer trips, the coverage can really help. Medevac coverage can return you to a hospital of choice in the USA. You can also pursue trip cancellation coverage for bookings along your route.

Grabbing Mexican Insurance in Yuma is super easy with our quote and instant issue system. All you need are your dates, vehicle year/make/model, plate number and VIN. In a matter of minutes, you can have everything in order and saved on your phone or printed out (we recommend carrying printed copies).