Why You Need Temporary Mexico Auto Insurance

Crossing the USA – Mexico border is surprisingly straightforward but there are a few absolute necessities. You will need an FMM tourist visa, a TIP if leaving the border or free zone, and Mexican auto insurance.

You can buy daily Mexican car insurance policies for affordable options or secure 6 and 12 month policy terms. It really depends on how often you travel and how long you plan to stay.

Taking a long weekend to have dental work done? Choose a daily, simple plan. Going for an extended trip to explore Baja or the mainland? Consider an annual plan just to be safe. The annual plans are typically only a few bucks more than 6-months so the cost is negligible. 

Auto Insurance is Mandatory in Mexico

Insurance is compulsory in Mexico which means it’s required by law for all drivers. In the country, there are four primary insurance companies which means your home country policy will not cover you in most cases. A few US based insurers may cover a few miles into the free zone however.

Some US insurers will offer a Mexican policy to you. It still will come from one of the four companies in Mexico however. Check with your insurer to be sure before moving forward. Of course, you can always grab a Mexico auto insurance quote and buy from us directly.

How Far Does Your Home Policy Travel?

Right up to the border in most cases. Many policies will extend between the USA and Canada and a few may even go into Mexico a short distance. Even in the case of having a home policy that offers coverage within a certain distance of the border, we still recommend a 3rd party liability policy at a minimum from a Mexican insurer. It can seriously save your butt in the event of an accident.

3rd Party Liability Only is Affordable

This option is excellent as a standalone, especially with lower value vehicles. It is the minimum requirement by law. The liability limits by state in Mexico so this piece varies. As a minimum we recommend 300,000 USD but 500,000 USD is an option that won’t raise the price by a significant amount in many cases. You can play with these amounts on our quote form to figure out the price difference.

How Much is Liability Mexican Auto Insurance?

Let’s look at a couple of quotes to get an idea. Keep in mind, the prices are set by the insurers themselves and are always subject to change. This is just to help you ballpark potential policy costs for your trip.

Vehicle: 2014 Chevy Tahoe

Value: $17,000

Policy Duration: 6 days

temporary mexican auto insurance
6 Days of Liability Auto from 3 Different Insurers

Looking at the policies available, you are looking at $55-60 USD which includes our roadside assistance and medical evacuation coverage. Not too bad for a long weekend getaway. Here’s where you need to think about value however.

If you have any intention of making multiple trips, look at the 6-month and annual price points. You can pay $170 for 6-months or $180 for a full year of coverage. Anyone living near the border should really look at the longer side of short term Mexican auto insurance. 

short term mexican car insurance
6-month quotes for temporary Mexican car insurance

Full Coverage is Also a Short Term Option

Your nice car or RV deserves protection in Mexico and full coverage is available for many vehicles. There are often two options with one having full coverage and the other offering extended coverage options on top of the regular full coverage policy. 

Things like total theft, vandalism, US repair rates and roadside assistance are available with full coverage policies. This works for regular vehicles and many RV’s.

How much is full coverage on a temporary Mexico auto policy?

Let’s use the same vehicle as the latter example for expediency here. It’s a common vehicle and a very normal value. The quote will go up or down depending on your vehicle type and value but the Chevy Tahoe is a nice middle ground.

mexican car insurance quotes
Prices for 6-days of full coverage

For 6-days of coverage you are looking at $100 USD or so to have the standard version of full coverage. Standard is a good level of coverage for accidents and damage. Add another $10 (roughly) for the Extended coverage and you get US labor rates, vandalism and a number of other coverages that are ideal for folks who want their vehicle fixed back home. 

Move to the 6-month temporary Mexican auto insurance policy and the price jumps to $315+ USD. Seasonal travelers who are staying a while or border hopping on weekends get the most value from this duration. 

6-month full coverage policy prices

It’s really not much more (roughly $50) to get a full year however. The annual is ideal for anyone living near the border. As random trip opportunities arise, it becomes much easier to plan knowing you are covered for a full year. 

Towed Units, Boats, ATV/UTV and Motorcycles

Towed units are automatically covered for liability under your regular auto policy while in tow. When the boat hits the water or the ATV is unloaded, they are no longer covered but can be under a separate policy.

You have the option for full coverage on some towed units as well. 5th wheel campers and travel trailers are all good candidates for full coverage while in tow. Of course, you can leave them at the liability only phase if desired as well.

Ultimately, you need temporary Mexico auto insurance policies because it’s the law. The insurance will protect you and other drivers. Use our quote tool to compare rates and purchase your policy in a matter of minutes.