Using the San Ysidro Read Lane Mex Border

Ok folks, we’ve covered the directions for Sentri Lanes at San Ysidro. That just leaves the general and Ready lanes as options. For those with Ready Lane credentials and approved ID’s, it offers a great way to speed up border crossings, especially at the very busy San Ysidro border.

Not sure if you qualify? Read our full guide to the Ready Lane requirements.

Check the San Ysidro Wait Times

Before hitting the road, you can check wait times to see the traffic status. I like to watch wait times across several days before crossing to find the slower hours. It helps to get in line without having a pile of cars in front of you. 

That said, sometimes you just need to roll the dice and go for it. Grab the current wait times here. At least you can manage expectations with some advanced notice!

Directions through Tijuana to San Ysidro Ready Lanes

If you take the toll road past Playa Tijuana, take the exit for “San Diego Zona Rio” and follow it through to Villa Internacional. This is the border road and you will follow it, parreling the border in an easterly direction.

From here, you can take the exit for “Sentri Ready Lane Aeropuerto” or you can opt for the longer but quicker route. For those who are experienced driving here, the longer but quicker route is ideal. For newbies, follow the signs for the simplest route. It has more traffic and does often take longer however.

The main thing to know is that you will stay on Via Ote while following the San Ysidro Ready Lane signs. They are adjacent to the general traffic lanes and you will stay left to catch the correct lanes. These are all on a different route than Sentri so you shouldn’t have any confusion there.

Are You Ready to Cross the Border?

There are plenty of slower paced border crossing options for folks who only make the trip occasionally. Tecate is nice and quiet on most days with very little wait times. It’s also less stressful on the driving front. If Tijuana is your route however, it just takes a few trips to get used to driving the route. Start with the signed roads then expand into the better route that is longer but quicker. 

And don’t forget to grab your Mexican Insurance to stay legal on every trip across the border!