Buyers Guide: Instant Mexican Auto Insurance

With technology today, it has never been easier to quote and bind insurance. We have worked hard to create a very fast and efficient system for buying instant Mexican auto insurance policies. Whether you are ready to cross the border immediately or planning a trip in advance, you can save time and get the same great rates through the instant system.

Keep in mind that every time we mention cars, it also applies to boats, RVs, campervans, motorcycles and ATVs. The same rules apply and you can find quotes and purchase policies immediately. Go here to learn more about car insurance in Mexico.

What You Will Need to Purchase a Policy Quickly

If you want to have a policy immediately, you must have some basic information ready. Many of the following items are likely committed to memory but some will require a reference point. Having your registration and/or title handy along with a driver’s license can expedite the process.

  • Year, Make and Model of Vehicle
  • Value of Vehicle
  • VIN Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Full name, home address, phone and email

With this information, you have everything needed to bind a policy. The last thing required is a Q&A section that will ask about your destination, other drivers and pertinent info related to your travels. We have a video detailing that process but it’s really intuitive and quick.

Click here if you are ready to quote and purchase a policy.

Do All Vehicles Qualify for Quick Quotes?

95% of quotes fall within the margins of our system and they will return great policy options. Occasionally, we do receive unique requests that will not return instant policies as an option. These are often high value vehicles and custom jobs.

For example, I had a UTV requesting a policy with a value at 150K USD. It was completely custom and the quote system was unable to return results. In this case, I collected the information required to submit a request to several underwriters and we were able to return several options.

If you have a unique case and the quote system does not offer options, reach out and we will work together to find policy options.

After Buying Your Instant Mexican Auto Insurance Policy…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in California, Arizona or any other border state, the process is always the same. You will fill out the quick quote form to return multiple pricing options. Next, choose a policy and price to move forward. Enter your information and complete payment to bind the policy.

After your payment clears, you can download or print the policy directly from the page. It will also trigger an automatic email with the policy documents attached. Keep this email for reference as it has a quick link to your policy and pertinent phone numbers for emergencies. Irecommend printing the policy before crossing the border as well.

You can typically find a FedEx or print shop in border towns. Public libraries will also allow printing and will likely cost less than one dollar. It’s worth the quick stop to have physical copies available. After printing, you are ready to cross the border!

Where will you drive in Mexico?

With insurance in-hand, you are ready to approach the border. We have a ton of border crossing resources and guides to make the trip easier. Keep in mind, you will need to stop at immigration for an FMM (visitors visa) immediately after entering the Mexican side. For those traveling beyond Baja and Sonora, a Temporary Import Permit is also necessary from the banjercito.

After getting your border paperwork completed, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the best of Mexico. Personally, I make the first taco stand stop, grab gas if necessary then I drive to my destination.