Todos Santos BCS Mexico – Visitor’s Guide

It’s become one of the favorite destinations of Baja Sur and you’ll quickly understand why after arriving. Todos Santos is a charming Pueblo Magico with narrow brick paved streets, nice restaurants and great shops. It’s also easy enough to reach without having a local airport. 

If this place isn’t on your radar, make a point to visit on your next trip to Baja Sur. It’s worth the effort to get there and spend some time exploring this part of the Pacific coastline.

artisan markets in todos santos mexico
Artisan markets are a major draw in town.

Traveling to Todos Santos

You have two easy-to-reach airport options at just over an hour away. San Jose del Cabo is to the south while La Paz is directly north. Both have nice roads leading right to Todos Santos and both have rental car options.

La Paz tends to have longer layovers on connecting flights in the United States. It does have a ton of convenient direct flights domestically however. If you’re traveling within Mexico, consider it as an easier option. 

San Jose del Cabo is the major airport serving Cabo San Lucas. It has a ton of flight options and is also a short drive away. It has more shuttle options serving the area as well. Personally, I think having access to a vehicle is advantageous. You can have a great trip by staying in town without one but you are limited a bit.

Several shuttle services exist with multiple trips running each day. Cheap Cabo Shuttle is a good option and I like that they run to Cabo, La Paz, Los Barriles and other destinations. There are others and they are easy to find so shop around for the best rate.

Rental cars are super affordable and they make it easier to reach hiking areas, fishing spots and beautiful beaches. If you can drive 20 miles north or south of Todos Santos, the recreational opportunities expand significantly. 

Places to Stay: Hotels in Todos Santos

There are really quite a few options. Finding availability is also never a problem, even during the high season. Between the Todos Santos hotels and private rentals, you can stay right in town, on the water or somewhere nearby. 

Paradero Hotel – This is among the most unique and beautiful places I’ve ever come across. The architecture alone is enough to make your jaw drop. It’s an experience as much as a stay as you will have access to world class food and services.

Hotel California – Song lyrics aside, the iconic Hotel California is a great stop. You can book a room or just show up for the restaurant and bar. It’s fun taking photos in front of the sign in front as well.

Villa Santa Cruz – This beautiful little hotel has incredible views, beach access and the perfect pool. It’s one of my favorites and the reviews also speak for themselves. I think you can have the perfect vacation here.

San Cristobal Todos Santos – The beach alone makes this hotel worth a top rank in the area. The rooms, details in the presentation and the grounds are all fantastic. You won’t have immediate access to town but the isolation also makes it more special.

Hacienda Todos Los Santos – We love this place because it’s adjacent to town. Although convenient and having quick access to Todos Santos, the grounds feel like they are miles away. It’s a boutique hotel covered with gardens. They have a nice pool and the overall setting and cleanliness/comfort levels are very high.

Things to Do in Todos Santos Baja California

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to have some fun. One reason this area is so attractive is the abundance of recreation, shopping, historical sites and fun things to do. The art, culture and vibrant streets are just spectacular.

todos santos murals

Shop Artisan Markets 

I’m not a big shopper but still found myself returning to the ATM to grab extra cash for local goods, mezcal and gifts to take home. There are quite a few shops to explore and you will find blankets, wallets, pottery, and much more. 

todos santos markets

You can discuss lower prices at some of the vendor stores. It’s important to be kind and suggestive rather than making hard demands. If I think something feels overpriced, I just say that it’s too much. If they counter with a lower price, I might counter again or accept. Typically, I’m just looking for a reasonable cost that makes sense.

Hike to Punta Lobos 

The perfect day hike offers big views of cliffs and the roaring ocean. Punta Lobos is 3-4 miles of moderate hiking round trip. You might do a little rock hopping but overall it’s a decent trail. Keep an eye on the water because spotting whales and marine life isn’t uncommon from the elevated platform. 

Catch a Wave 

Bahia de Todos Santos is a major surf center with a wide range of breaks. It has everything from beginner friendly to advanced. You will find surf schools for learning and plenty of places to pull up and jump into the water. 

Playa San Pedrito is one great option with an empty beach, room to camp and a nice break. It was developed as a getaway for a military general at one time and remains just as attractive now as it was then. El Pescadero and Los Cerritos are both great surf areas within a short drive too.

Explore Town

The beauty of Todos Santos is that you can just walk around and explore. Enjoy the beautiful murals, colonial architecture, historic structures and the laid back vibe. You will run into quaint cafes, amazing artists and some phenomenal food carts and restaurants. Of course, a stop at the colorful town sign and Iglesia De Nuestra Senora Pilar is a good starting point for your jaunt through the cobblestone streets.

You’ll find beautiful art and architecture at every turn.

Are You Ready to Visit Todos Santos?

The next time you plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas, La Paz or the general south end of Baja, put a trip here on your to-do list. Personally, I think many folks can spend the entirety of a weeklong vacation here as a standalone destination. There’s plenty to keep you busy and happy on the Pacific Ocean of Baja Sur.