Los Cerritos Beach Baja Visitors Guide

The quaint surf community of Cerritos Baja Sur is a perfect Pacific Coast destination. It’s a short drive from Cabo San Lucas but seems like it’s a world away as a small town. You’ll find the perfect mix of recreation, dining and great lodging in a scenic setting with epic sunrises and low traffic.

Getting to Cerritos Beach

The beauty of this destination is the ease of arrival. Of course you can take the long way and drive down the peninsula. This is how I tend to visit but the convenience of a major airport in San Jose del Cabo makes it super easy to get here.

Fly into the airport and rent a car to make the one hour drive. You can follow the coast but I recommend hopping on the quota (toll) road. It’s smooth, easy and very fast. The toll runs at less than 100 pesos making it a very affordable and safe road to travel.

If you don’t feel like renting a vehicle, you can still take a taxi or a shuttle to the area. There are regular shuttles running between the airport and Todos Santos for reasonable fees. Some of the hotels also have airport transportation options available. 

Where to Stay & Eat

There are a bunch of really amazing options in Cerritos for lodging and food. In fact, I had some of the best tacos ever on my last trip here. Better yet, it was a short walk from my tiny home rental at Experience at Cerritos. I will say it’s not great for “wild” or free Baja style camping here so plan on booking a place.

Airbnb’s and Private Rentals:

  • Cerritos Surf Town Beach Hotel
  • Cerritos Beach Hotel
  • Surf Residences
  • Hotel So Far So Good
  • Olas Hotel
  • Cerritos Glamping Bed & Bagel
  • Wanderlust Cerritos Glamping
  • The Experience Tiny House Rentals
This tiny home was a great rental option.

Where to Grab a Bite:

  • Barracuda Cantina – I love this place! Amazing food, great service, occasional live music and a short walk to the beach.
  • Shaka’s Cantina – This is a popular expat spot with great food and drinks. Their beef is fantastic if you’re craving a burger. Big TV’s are also nice when sporting events are running.
  • Don Nacho – Amazing breakfast options here.
  • Emy’s Restaurant – Great tacos and sushi with fresh ingredients and local flavor.

How to Have Fun in Cerritos Beach!

First off, this is a surf community with a nice break right off the hotels and town beach. You can book lessons right on the beach or just kick back and watch others catch the waves. It’s also a beautiful place to hang out and just enjoy the scene.

The beach area has vendors with food and goods and you can walk right to restaurants. The Barracuda Cantina is just up the street for a convenient and amazing food or drink stop.

The local surf break is a popular hangout.

Everyone who visits is likely to spend some time lounging on the beach or surfing. Here are a few other ways to make the most of your experience:

  1. Rent an ATV – There are quite a few rental outfits to the south and the immediate north of this community.
  2. Sunset Horseback Rides – Take a jaunt down the beach as the sun drops. It’s picture perfect and ideal for romantic getaways.
  3. Jump on a Jet Ski – As you get away from the big waves, running around in a jet ski becomes possible.
  4. Take a Hike – Punta Lobos is a favorite to the north. You will find some excellent beach hikes in the region. Having a vehicle is ideal for hikers.
  5. Bike the Roads – Dirt roads and trails are perfect for mountain biking.
  6. Fish the Surf – You can book a boat captain or try your luck just by casting from the beach. Both are great in this area.

That’s it folks! Cerritos Beach is super easy to reach and it’s a beautiful community. El Pescadaro and this area overlap as they are pretty much adjacent to each other. I recommend staying for at least a few days as you will fall in love with the laid back vibe and likely will want to stay longer.