San Ysidro Sentri Lane

Driving to the Sentri Lane at San Ysidro is only possible using a few different routes. It’s extremely important to understand that Google Maps is NOT accurate for directions. In fact, the border lanes at most crossings are not reliable with mapping apps and you are best off researching and having a game plan in advance.

Here’s the good news – after you drive this route once, you’ll have it down. It’s pretty simple and drivers with a Sentri or Global Entry pass are eligible to use the lanes. If you do not have a pass, DO NOT use these lanes. There is also an option for Ready Lanes if you have an appropriate ID for these lanes. 

Directions to the Sentri Lane at San Ysidro

There are a few ways to reach the northbound road that funnels directly into Sentri Lanes. It’s also labeled as you get closer, making it fairly intuitive for the last mile or two of driving. Traffic in Tijuana is often congested and you should have the route saved for quick navigational reference.

In fact, I think it’s ideal to have a passenger the first time around for help. That said, I typically do this on my own and it’s not overly complicated. Checking the wait times is also a good indicator of what traffic conditions look like. While they only offer times for General and Ready Lanes, it’s still a good indicator of what you will encounter on the route.

If you reach this sign, stay in the center and you are looking good.

The preferred option is to take this slightly longer but less trafficked route:

  1. Follow the 1D east along the border road 
  2. Merge south, following Av Via Rapida PTE
  3. Continue to the Ignacio Zaragoza roundabout on BlVD Padre Kino and follow it around to exit northbound.
san ysidro sentri lane directions
Exit this roundabout northbound and you’re on track.

4. At this point, you really want to stay straight ahead. Eventually, some signs will make it very clear which are the correct lanes. There will also be concrete dividers and the Sentri Lanes for San Ysidro (two lanes) are smack in the middle. At this point, you are in the lines.

The shortest distance route follows the Sentri/Aeropuerto signs off the 1D border road but traffic can really back up. Regardless, you want to find the Father Eusebio Kino monument (BLVD Padre Kino) in the roundabout and head north from that point. It’s pretty easy if you don’t veer off the main road from there. San Ysidro is open 24 hours a day so you can make this crossing anytime.

Big Rigs Beware in Tijuana

Driving in Tijuana is not a big rig friendly situation. Roads are narrow and traffic flows quickly. I do know several people who have made it through but I suggest using a different border crossing that has wide general lanes and lanes labeled for RVs as well.