Road Trippers Guide to Bahia Concepcion

If there’s one destination on the Sea of Cortez that visitors rave about, it’s Bahia Concepcion. Not just visitors but campers specifically. Located 15 minutes south of Mulege, the protected bay has breathtaking blue and waters. You won’t find any developments in this bay but there are several amazing campgrounds right on the beach.

Getting Supplies for Your Visit

Mulege is the primary town for resources on your way to Bahia Concepcion BCS. A few tiny towns are located to the south but Loreto is really the next major population base and it’s a far drive for groceries. If you happen to be driving south to north, then Loreto can work as a supply stop.

In Mulege, there’s a brewery and you will find quite a few great restaurants. Like most towns in Mexico, there are plenty of small markets but this town also has a grocery with fresh produce and anything else you might want. I’ve had great experiences with mechanics in town and overall, I just love spending some time in Mulege.

While you camp on the beaches of Bahia Concepcion, vendors will make rounds with fresh produce, fish, homemade breads and a number of other goods. Some of the homemade bread I’ve had on Coyote Beach is delicious and folks come through everyday. If you’re running low on anything, don’t worry because it will come to you!

Campgrounds of Bahia Concepcion

This list follows a north to south direction. There are a few sneaky spots where you can pull in for free. There’s still a good chance someone will attempt to charge you however. These campsites are generally right along the highway and they don’t offer nice beach access. Personally, I think it’s worth paying for a camping site in Bahia Concepcion. They generally run around 200-300 pesos per night.

Punta Piedrita

You will take the Playa Santispac turn and continue past the trailers and RV’s for nearly a full mile. It will lead you to a smaller camp area with a few palapas and a basic toilet. It’s great for privacy and open views. The location is on the windswept side of the bay so expect the breeze to pick up on occasion.

Playa Santispac

playa santispac bahia concepcion

A favorite campsite where the turquoise waters begin in the sheltered bay. Campsites have palapas and usually run 200 pesos for each site and vehicle. I imagine tent or bicycle campers could negotiate a lower rate. There’s a restaurant, bar and some people who stay here for the entire winter. It’s a great place to set up your camp and there’s room for RV’s.

Playa la Escondida

The beach is much smaller than Santispac and it’s more difficult to reach on the road. That makes this option perfect for trucks, camper vans and other vehicles. RVers might want to look elsewhere. You won’t find RV hookups either. The vendors do come through here however so you will still have access to supplies.

Playa Los Cocos

Just down the road, this is one of my favorite sites because the beach is amazing and campsites have palapas and access to the pit toilet. If you have kayaks or paddle boards, the proximity to water makes this an ideal campsite. Vendors also rent kayaks here if you want to take a spin for an hour or two.

Playa el Burro

playa el burro, bahia concepcion

Camping is available directly on the beach and there’s a restaurant. You will also find a newer coffee shop right up the beach! Pretty hard to go wrong and this is a longstanding favorite for car and van campers. There are a few palapas here or you can go beachside without the shade. Either way works great.

Baja Glamping & Vanlife Campground

Located across the highway, this property has dry campsites, rentals and parking for campervans. There isn’t beach access directly from your campsite but it’s only a minute to reach Playa el Burro. These sites come with access to a shared kitchen, flush toilets and hot showers which is a huge bonus when compared to other campgrounds. You can also reserve campsites ahead which is rare in this area.

El Coyote Beach

playa el coyote bahia concepcion

It’s a longer beach with a bunch of campsites right on the water. Most have palapas and they typically cast 200-250 pesos per night. Vendors come daily with supplies, the water access is excellent and there are pit toilets and it’s a favorite spot for paddling. This beach can be busier with the longer road access and abundance of camp spots but I really love this spot.

Playa el Requeson

One of the most scenic spots in the bay has camping available and a pit toilet. There’s no shade here but the strip of sand leading to an island is very unique. Sometimes it’s fully exposed and other times, ankle deep water that you can walk through to reach the island. It’s a really cool scene here and if you have a shade tarp, it can be a nice campsite. The Buenaventura Resort and Bar is just up the road if you want to eat out. They also allow camping but it’s a bit rocky at that location.

Playa La Perla

bahia concepcion camping

Take the Requeson turn and continue south until you reach this beach. It’s best for trucks and camper vans but smaller RVs can make it through. There’s a pit toilet that isn’t well maintained. There are also palapas that could use some maintenance. Still a nice camp regardless.   

Playa Armenta

The southernmost developed campsite is quiet and has an amazing beach and water access. Also has several nice palapas for a little extra shade. You are farther removed from the restaurants and bars but it’s sheltered and frequently has open sites. It was running around 150 pesos per night but I wouldn’t be surprised if that bumped to 200 pesos.

Hotels in Bahia Concepcion

If you prefer a hotel style option, I’d look to Casa Concepcion. It’s quite perfect. There are very few options for rentals in this area and I think this is the most thoughtful and comfortable place that isn’t a campground or campsite.

Start Planning Your Trip to Bahia Concepcion

This is a road trip destination! You won’t find a major airport anywhere unless you want to drive from Loreto so hit the road and pack a tent and sleeping bag. Vanlifers and RVers are especially keen on visiting the bay and staying during the winter months. Some of the campsites can fill up in January, February and March. They are much slower the remainder of the year. I tell everyone to take a snorkel because the swimming is amazing and the water is crystal clear!