Visiting Mulege – Baja California

Located in Baja Sur, Mulege is a town that captures visitors. In fact, some will visit and end up staying or returning every year because it’s such a wonderful place. The town itself is small with narrow, one-way streets and nice restaurants and shops. It has a great public beach in town and river access.

Getting to Mulege – Fly or Drive?

Driving is the primary method of reaching town. A landing strip does exist for flights but there are no commercial operations at the Mulege Airport. It’s all small, private planes and even those are few and far between. The nearest airport with commercial flights is Loreto which is nearly two hours to the south. 

While you could fly to Loreto and rent a car to drive north, it’s not a common method of getting there. That said, Loreto to Mulege isn’t a bad drive and it could work well for a trip that combines a few other stops. There is also the Aguila Bus that runs from Mulege to Loreto, offering an easy method of reaching town.

Most visitors are longer term travelers who make the drive south or north to visit. The town is set up well with several RV Parks and campgrounds. There is beach camping for the vanlifers and those who want to pitch a tent as well.

Ways to Enjoy Your Trip

Although it’s a quiet town, the options for entertainment and activity are abundant. The outdoors are the primary attraction but there are cultural and historic sites, great restaurants and wonderful people. Just walking around town is idyllic on the stone streets. 

Visit the Mulege Beach

The town beach is a fantastic place to spend a day. There are actually two beaches split by the river. The north side has a mix of sand and rocky shoreline with palapas. It also has access to a boat launch area, a lighthouse and the river mouth. You must drive through town to reach the river road that will ultimately land on the beach.

The south side of the river is a different road that is accessible from a bridge or the highway. It has a longer, sandy beach that you can walk on. It’s definitely a nice place to spread out and stretch your legs or to find a good swimming area.

Explore the Mulege River

Very few freshwater rivers exist in Baja and this is one of the few that enter directly into the ocean. The fact that it has roads parreling either side is also really nice for walking or even fishing. The river once had very large snook but those are few and far between now. I do see locals fishing regularly and they catch snapper and a variety of other species. It’s also perfect for kayaking and paddle boards. 

Camp in Bahia Concepcion

You won’t find many services in Bahia Concepcion and Mulege is the closest stop for fuel and supplies. The beaches of Bahia Concepcion are some of the most beautiful on earth and you can camp right on the shore for a very reasonable fee. There are a few restaurants and a single hotel. Otherwise, it’s all camping or RV sites with nothing but clear water and nature to enjoy.

Mision Santa de Rosalia Mulege 

Mulege has a ton of interesting history, from the native tribes who occupied the area for a thousand years to the missionaries who arrived and built churches and a mission. This relic of the late 1700’s is still standing thanks to some restoration work. It’s a beautiful structure and something worth visiting on your trip to Mulege.

Enjoy the Water

You will find some great snorkeling near the town beaches. Fishing can also be great, especially for yellowtail tuna in the winter. I’ve caught Sierra off the shoreline as well. If you charter a boat, getting out to more remote snorkel and diving spots becomes possible. You will likely encounter dolphins and all kinds of marine wildlife.

Where to Eat and Drink

From quaint cafes to modern breweries, Mulege has amazing food and fun bars. I have my personal favorites but there are plenty more that I haven’t explored yet either. 

Mulege Brewing Company – They have delicious pizza, great craft beers and a killer building on the highway just south of town. 

Carlos Racing Bar – Located on the river road, the menu is simple and the food is great. Carlos, the owner, is also a great host and bartender. The margaritas are perfect and there are a bunch of regulars around who are very friendly as well. I enjoyed a nice dinner and a few drinks here.

El Candil Restaurant and Bar – They have a great bar and good food. What more can you ask for? I love the environment and it’s a local favorite near the center of town. Definitely worth stopping to enjoy the atmosphere.

Food Stands – There are quite a few other restaurants and plenty of road-side stands with great tacos, quick breakfast burritos and coffee to go as well. I try to stop at a new spot or two on every visit and have always had good experiences.

How to Plan Your Trip to Mulege

I’d start by planning for the right season. Winter is the most popular season for travelers and also the most crowded. The local beaches are pretty popular with overlanders so don’t expect to be alone. January and February are especially popular as people from the northern climates travel to escape the cold. I think April and May are fantastic months as the crowds dwindle a bit but the climate isn’t too hot yet. The same goes for fall although there really isn’t a bad time to visit. It’s just a nice place with a welcoming vibe and an excellent layout.