Nogales-Mariposa Border Crossing

There are actually two separate Nogales border crossing points with one in the city center and the other to the west. We are focusing on the west entrance here as it makes more sense for travelers who aren’t planning to stay in Nogales, Mexico.

The entry is also referred to as the Mariposa border crossing. To save any confusion, both references cover the same border station. The reason for focusing on the western entry is the large size. It’s made to accommodate semi-truck traffic and has ample space for RV’s, camper vans and bigger rigs.

Watch the Mariposa Border Crossing in both directions here:

Nogales Border LocationGet Directions from Google Maps

Nogales Border Hours – 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week

Nogales Border Wait Times – Wait times can vary widely but the large number of lanes helps to keep traffic moving.

Nogales Mexico Border Crossing Requirements

Driving across the Mariposa border itself doesn’t require anything but you will need several things at the Banjercito station to the south.

Foreigners crossing in to Mexico will need:

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Instructions from Nogales, USA to Mexico Entry

Getting across this border is very easy on the initial crossing. You actually just drive on through and don’t require any stops or paperwork unless you don’t plan on driving highway 15 south. There is an Aduana at the border just after crossing (on the right). RV’s using the truck lane will have a more difficult time making this stop and should consider using the Banjercito stop farther south.

You can obtain a TIP and FMM Visa south of the city. Northbound travelers – turn your TIP in here.

After crossing the Mariposa border, continue south on 15D until it merges with Highway 15 and reaches the Banjercito station. At this point, you will get an FMM first for the requested amount of time (up to 180 days). Next, obtain the TIP at the banjercito office and the time allotment will typically match your FMM visa duration.

With your FMM and TIP, you can legally exit the free zone and continue traveling in Mexico.

From Nogales, Mexico to USA Entry

Returning to the United States is essentially the inverse of the previous process. Make sure to return your TIP at the Banjercito on your way north. You must cancel the temporary import permit before exiting Mexico.

When traveling northbound on 15D, find an open lane and get in line. There is a reasonable amount of traffic moving north here so be patient as things tend to roll forward at a steady pace. Have your United States passport ready or your foreign visa paperwork for entry into the United States. Follow directions, stop at the booth and make your way across the border.

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