Guide to Visiting the Los Algodones Dentist

It’s a one-of-a-kind destination where groups of Americans and Canadians walk across the Mexican border each day. Los Algodones is also called Molar City because the streets are lined with dentist offices. On average, the cost of dental work is 80% less than the United States.

I’ve crossed the border in Los Algodones to journey down the Baja Peninsula but hadn’t previously stopped in town. On this trip, I made a dental appointment for a general cleaning and checkup to get familiar with the process. 

Do Your Research and Make an Appointment

Everyone will tell you they are the best dentist in Los Algodones if you walk across the border without a plan. It’s a good idea to do some research first and even to visit for a consultation and pricing before setting up any major work. I thought the cleaning and checkup would be a perfect entry into the process for this exact reason.

I ended up calling a few places and researching Google reviews. Some of the places are difficult to figure out because multiple office names operate under a booking agency of sorts. They are very good about speaking English and confirming appointments however. They will even send a driver to meet you at the border.

Dental Solutions is the business I chose and they were great. I wasn’t getting implants or anything serious however. I think you really need to compare reviews and seek referrals for any major investments. 

One interesting thing was the office front setup versus the back of the house. On the front, there were several businesses with separate offices. After walking through the office, I was led into a back area with a bunch of dental rooms that were all connected to the front offices. So 6ish offices and one big back area.

How to Stage for Your Trip

You won’t find much around the US side of the border and that means you’ll need to plan a staging point. The Sleepy Hollow RV park is the one option and it’s a great way to go for RVers. You can set up camp, walk across from your campsite and return to rest and recover. For major dental work, having an easy recovery place setup is really ideal.

If you don’t mind driving a little farther, Yuma is very close. It has hotels and a bunch of RV parks and camping options to explore. Pretty much everything you would expect from a mid-size city.

I ended up camping in the lot at the Quechan Casino. It’s only a few minutes driving from the border and is a nice and very safe place to stage. They have a hotel or you can pay $10 USD to camp on a flat dirt lot behind the main parking area.

Camping at the Quechan Casino

Getting Across the Los Algodones Border

The place I chose was only a few blocks from the border and I was driving to Baja so I just drove across and got my FMM for the next couple of months. They had good reviews and made it easy to confirm the appointment. After driving across, I simply parked on the street outside of the business. There were a few secure parking lots very close as well for a small fee.

Most visitors will park in the big lot on the US side of the border. It’s very easy to find and you pay a fee for the parking. Pretty simple and it works really well. It didn’t even seem like they were checking passports or ID at all on the entry to Mexico.

Prepare to Navigate Street Hustlers

Town is clean and organized.

As soon as you cross over, hustlers will begin soliciting. I found that they were nice and not overly aggressive. Everyone is competing for customers and they will try to bring you into the dental offices they represent. You will also find quite a few street shops with blankets, trinkets and other items to purchase. Many of them looked very nice and they weren’t pushy at all.

Consider Getting Your Eyeglasses Here too!

One thing I didn’t realize was the optometrist shops in Los Algodones. They seem to be setting up here much like the dentists and it’s a perfect marriage. As we all get older, teeth and eyes are two things that need regular service. I’m not familiar with the pricing and didn’t visit on this trip but I very well may in the near future.

Los Algodones Dentist Price List – What You Can Expect to Pay

You can expect prices to cost roughly 80% less than the United States. They also have specials at many offices for cleanings but be careful about deals that appear too good to be true. It might be a hook for upsells. 

Stick to your researched dentists as they will give you pricing upfront. I can say that a standard cleaning typically runs in the $40-60 USD range. Laser and deep cleaning with numbing can run closer to $200.

This price list from Dental Solutions is a good starting point for implants, crowns, dentures and more. Most operations are very transparent which is a nice thing to have. Just plan ahead so you have lodging covered, have your credit or cash payment ready and know what to expect after the procedure. 

It’s always a good idea to have a companion for major procedures as they can help you navigate the process and walk back across the border safely.