Can You Drive a Rental Car to Mexico?

This question pops up frequently and it deserves a full response to understand the legality of driving a rental car across the Mexico border. Some rental companies do allow for cross border driving but as you might expect, it comes with some stipulations and special requirements. 

As you also might expect, plenty of companies do not allow for cross border driving at all. You must get approval through a company or division of a company that specifically allows for this niche type of travel.

Why would you cross the Mexican border in a rental vehicle?

Most cross border traffic uses personal or company vehicles. From vacations to day trippers, medical tourists and more, cross border drivers are typically:

  • Local folks using personal vehicles
  • Tourists in personal vehicles 
  • Commercial traffic using commercial vehicles

Rental vehicles are however convenient for a variety of reasons. Say for instance, you are visiting San Diego for a wedding and want to stay a few extra days to visit vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe. Renting a car for the short drive would make for an easy trip if you have permission to cross with the vehicle.

Another common reason for crossing is the need to do business. A ton of commerce crosses the border. An independent contractor working to connect a vehicle manufacturer with a parts factory might need to grab a flight to Texas for one of the deals and to drive across for the other end. 

Ultimately, anyone who isn’t local and is planning a short trip requiring entry to Mexico by car is a candidate for a rental.

Is there a more convenient way to drive to Mexico?

Depending on your destination in Mexico, it might make more sense to rent a car locally. For example, you can fly into San Diego or Tijuana. The two are connected by a bridge for easy border crossing within the airport. Simply rent a car in Tijuana and make your drive without a border crossing.

The same applies to any town located near the border with an airport. Go ahead and fly directly into Mexico and rent a car locally. Otherwise, you can cross most border stations on foot. Walk across, grab a taxi and visit a rental agency for a local vehicle. This isn’t always feasible but is an option in more populous areas.

More importantly, it removes the complications of a border crossing with a vehicle you do not own.

Which rental car companies allow you to drive to Mexico?

Many of the rental agencies actually allow driving one of their cars across the border. You must rent from a specific location however. This means you likely can’t rent a car from Seattle and drive all the way south. Cities near the border often have rental car companies or franchise locations where border crossing is allowed.

A few of the agencies that allow crossing are:

  • Budget Rental
  • Dollar Rental
  • Thrifty Rental
  • Enterprise
  • Avis

These are the biggest brands with cross border rentals but there are plenty of local companies with options as well. Always check locally and ask about border crossing capabilities before committing to a rental

Common Requirements from Rental Companies

Every rental comes with some stipulations and contractual obligations. Ask questions before signing the contract and read the fine print. In most cases, the rentals are only allowed to travel a certain distance and they are not eligible for TIP (temporary import permits) as you are not the actual owner.

A few common requirements include:

  • No 1-way trips – must return vehicle in US 
  • Must rent from corporate account on some contracts
  • Mileage limitations into Mexico (250-miles or less on many contracts)
  • No TIP eligibility

What You Will Need for a Successful Crossing:

Make sure to keep contact information handy for someone at the rental agency. Know what type of fuel the vehicle uses and how to refuel in Mexico if necessary. It also helps to have some experience or at least research everything needed to cross the border and drive in Mexico safely.

With the right rental company, a little preparation and a great insurance policy, you can have a great trip without bringing your own vehicle south of the border.