Visiting Puertecitos Baja, California Mexico

Puertecitos is an isolated community Baja California with a few houses, a wonderful campground and several hot spring pools right on the ocean. This is all within the “gated” community area while just outside the walls you will find a few other houses, a gas station (often closed) and a small market (also often closed).

The location is best suited for road trippers exploring the peninsula. There’s no airport or shuttle service. It does have plenty of space for tents, campers, vans and RVs. You can visit the hot springs as a day trip only or stay the night for very similar rates. 

Soaking in the Puertecitos Hot Springs

When you pull into the entrance area for Puertecitos, a cord blocks the way and you will be greeted by an employee. He/she will charge for entrance based on the duration of your stay. As of 2024, the hot springs only cost 500 pesos. I believe this price is the per person rate but can’t confirm because I was traveling solo.

To reach the Hot Springs, you will drive past the campground, staying right of the metal building with a quail mural. Follow this road to the yellow wall that is clearly signed for the hot springs. Walk down the path and you will reach the first pool which is very hot. The second pool is a little better but can still be too hot for soaking depending on the tides.

Stay right here.

The last two pools are the most comfortable but they also have temperature fluctuations based on the tide. At high tide, they can become warm and even cool. At low tide, they can become scalding hot. I found things were perfect at the mid-level tide and it’s a great soak. You can also jump into the ocean between hot baths. 

The lowest pool was warm but the pool above was better.

Staying at the Campground

The campground is super nice with plenty of level sites to enjoy. Each site faces a beach and has direct access to the water. They also have concrete pads with a table, shade structure and water. Additional palapas on the beach offer more shade where you can set up camp chairs or layout on the sand.

Comfortable campsites and lots of space.

The restrooms are very nice with separation for men and women. No showers but flush toilets are available. Bring your own toilet paper!

I had most of the campground to myself and doubt it fills up often. There was plenty of space and it was a really nice setup. The price to camp with hot spring access is 600 pesos. At that rate, it makes sense to stay the night rather than day trip.  

Other Things to Do While Visiting

Outside of the campground and hot springs, there isn’t much happening here. They have a restaurant but it was closed. The proximity to water is perfect for paddling however. They don’t rent kayaks so you will need to bring one. 

Outside of kayaking, swimming and snorkeling are a good idea. You also might cast a line in the bay. It’s a shallow flat immediately outside the campside but the boat launch and hot spring area has some really nice looking water. 

Getting to Puertecitos from San Felipe

Getting here is easy and the signs are obvious for the turn. Drive Mex Highway 5 south from San Felipe for 85 kilometers. It’s a one hour drive on a smooth highway. You will see the sign for Puertecitos and take the right turn. Follow the road past the Pemex station until you reach the left turn entrance for the campground and hotel.