La Ventana Baja Sur Visitor’s Guide

Visiting Baja Sur isn’t complete without a trip to the wonderful towns of La Ventana and El Sargento. This destination is popular for wind sports in the winter months and the overall location is beautiful. It’s also one of the rare places that offers maintained trail systems alongside great beach access. 

Use this guide to plan your trip and learn more about the logistics for a trip to La Ventana!

Getting to Town – Shuttles, Airports and More

Driver’s will have no issues getting here but those traveling without a vehicle need to make plans in advance. La Paz has the closest major airport. International flights often have long layovers to reach the airport but domestic flights are direct in many cases. It’s a mere 44 km from town, making La Paz a great option for the last leg of your trip.

San Jose del Cabo is the major international airport and it offers great flight prices and a ton of connecting cities around the world. The airport is a bit farther away but it’s still very reachable at 2.5 hours of good highway for driving. It’s also the more popular option due to the availability of rental cars and low flight prices.

Here are a few easy ways to get to La Ventana from either airport or on your own.

#1 Fly and Rent a Vehicle

Both La Paz and San Jose del Cabo offer vehicle rentals and the prices are surprisingly affordable. Renting a vehicle is ideal because you have some freedom to explore multiple destinations. Staying in La Ventana is nice but having the wheels to go even a few miles can lead you towards amazing beaches and trails without anyone around.

#2 Fly and Take a Shuttle to La Ventana

Even without a vehicle, you will have nothing but fun on the immediate town beaches and throughout town itself. You can walk for miles on end along the water and find solitude without trying too hard. Grabbing a shuttle is also economical from either La Paz or Cabo. Baja Kite and Surf has a full list of shuttle operators to begin your search. Rates seem to run around $150 from La Paz to 

#3 Drive Your Own Vehicle

Our favorite option is to drive yourself down and spend some time in the area. With your own rig, you can camp, rent hotels, and have the flexibility to really explore and experience Baja Sur. Campervans, truck campers or RVs are fantastic but any vehicle can make the journey and there’s no shortage of spots to pitch a tent at local campgrounds.

Where to Stay

La Ventana Hotels

Quite a few options are available at a range of prices. Do your homework before booking and know that beachfront real estate usually costs a bit more. There are several hostels for budget shoppers and a few luxury resorts on the higher end. The private rental market is also robust and shopping AirBnB or VRBO will significantly expand the list of options. Here are a few hotels to consider:

  • Ventana Blue Hotel
  • Todo Bien Hotel
  • Baja Joe’s
  • La Ventana Beach Resort
  • Ventana Bay Resort
  • Ventus Bay
  • Stella Maris Boutique Hotel

Camping in La Ventana Baja

la ventana rv park
Brisa del Mar has a great pool and outdoor kitchen.

Another popular option is camping. There are several RV parks and tent camping spaces with some being beachfront and others being a few blocks removed. I’ve stayed at several campgrounds in La Ventana and most have showers, flush toilets and level ground for parking and tent camping. These are a few options and there are more as well.

  • Brisa del Mar – My personal favorite and the best pool around. Also the nicest owners and cleanest grounds I have experienced. Hot showers and great facilities.
  • Kurt Marinas – Full hookups for RV and a shared kitchen. They also have a hotel attached.
  • Central Campground – Popular with kiters, it’s right on the beach and does fill quickly. Lots of sites though and they have toilets and showers.
  • El Arroyo – Nice budget friendly campground without hookups. They do have showers and toilets.
  • Tango Azul RV Park – A few blocks off the water but super nice. It’s been around a while and has a solid reputation with full hookup sites.

Things to Do

The Baja coast is built for action and La Ventana is very sports oriented. Fishing, wind sports and the great outdoors are just a few popular ways to enjoy your time here. Of course, the restaurants, laid back nightlife and shopping are also fun.

#1 La Ventana Kiting 

It’s no secret that the wind blows and the water is perfect for kiteboarding. On any given day, I enjoy watching the kiteboarders surf across the Sea of Cortez. Several schools and guide operations make it easy to learn the basics and build a skill set. If you have any interest in this sport, join a class on your trip.

#2 El Sargento Trails

el sargento baja

Trail systems for hiking and biking are available right in town but you can also find some a little farther removed. El Sargento is the northern edge of the population base and it transitions from houses to hills. The community has some amazing mountain bike and hiking trails through cactus filled mountains that also have big views of the sea. Punta Gorda is a favorite place to hike in El Sargento. 

#3 Agua Calientes Hot Springs

During hot weather seasons, the springs are a bit much. During winter however, they are amazing as the outside temperature is warm and the water is perfect. They are also fairly popular but it’s still nice to soak by the sea. Early mornings and late evenings are perfect.

#4 Book a Fishing Trip

The fishing is great year-round and you can catch some big ones from the beaches. Booking a panga or charter for a day is incredible too and your odds of getting into yellowtail, dorado, roosterfish and sailfish are great in the right seasons. It’s a truly world-class fishing scene.

#5 Go Snorkeling

Grab a snorkel mask and jump in the water anywhere. You will likely see fish and a bunch of marine life. Better yet, book a boat-based excursion to snorkel the most productive reefs and isolated areas. Seeing dolphins, rays and tons of other species is very normal. 

#6 Whale Watching in La Ventana

It’s not uncommon to see whales from town or the surrounding shorelines. Blue and gray whales both enter the Sea of Cortez during late winter. You might even cross paths with Orcas on rare occasions. Booking a nature tour by boat is the best way to have encounters but always keep your eyes peeled for action in the distance.

Lastly, Let’s Talk Food…

There’s a very robust restaurant scene with a ton of different food types. From Italian pasta to sushi and pizza, you will have many options. Personally, I love the local food vendors in their open air patio kitchens along the main road. From the barbecue chicken cart to a few different taco stands, I’ve had some incredible meals.

These are two favorites that keep me returning every year.

Baja Bites – My favorite lunch spot always has very fresh and exceptional food. Yellowtail tacos are my go-to in winter and the pepper infused oil sauce they have is simply amazing. Add agua de jamaica as a fresh drink and you are set!

Baja Grill – My other top spot has a wonderful atmosphere and great dinners. The drinks are perfect and the food is always spot on. They do a pork chop that really hits the spot as well. 

Plan Your Trip to La Ventana!

Will you add a stop to your next Baja trip? While this charming town isn’t on a main highway, it does remain accessible and very visitor friendly. From all-inclusive stays that include shuttles to DIY visitors and camping, you won’t regret taking a trip to La Ventana.