Hidalgo International Bridge

The McAllen, Texas border is connected to Reynosa, Mexico via the Hidalgo International Bridge. This crossing is largely used by locals as it delivers travelers into the city of Reynosa. You can also quickly access highway 97 south to the Gulf Coast region.

If you want to reach Monterrey, the Anzalduas International Bridge is a better option. Otherwise, this is a good way to explore cities on either side of the border. It’s also open all day and night for later or very early morning crossings.

Border Crossing Location: Google Maps Location for McAllen Side

Border Hours: Open 24/7

Current Wait Times: McAllen Texas Border Wait Times

RV Friendly: The fact that you will need to navigate city traffic makes this a less friendly option for RV’s but the highway is wide and used by commercial trucks. If this puts you on a direct path to your destination, it’s a reasonable option.

Hidalgo International Bridge Border Crossing Instructions

This is a long bridge that can get busy with traffic in both directions. It does tend to flow well southbound but can backup northbound. Look to the wait times link before attempting to drive into the USA.

Directions from McAllen to Reynosa:

McAllen Hidalgo International Bridge
  1. From McAllen, take International Blvd south towards the border crossing. There’s a money exchange across from Jack in the Box on the route.
  2. You will pass several large parking lots and a duty free store. If you need to visit US Customs, use one of these lots to park and walk to the admin buildings.
  3. Choose a lane and enter the covered awning areas. Move forward on green lights and stop on red until it’s your turn at the toll booth. You can pay in USD and the fees are $3.5 for regular passenger vehicles, pickups and motorcycles.
  4. Cross the river and enter the inspection lanes. They may do a quick inspection here. An aduana building is present just after the awnings but you can still navigate a few blocks to the larger building where the Banjercito is present.

Directions from Reynosa to McAllen:

  1. Take Luis Echeverria towards the border and it will eventually parallel the Rio Grande. Stay in the right lane at the split and you will reach the large parking area and administration buildings. You can return your TIP in this building.
  2. Continue into the toll booth or “Plaza de Cobro” and pay the toll. It’s $3.50 for regular cars, trucks and motorcycles. The fees raise for two and three axle vehicles.
  3. After passing the toll booth, you will cross the river into the United States and reach customs. There are 6 lanes with options for Sentri, ReadyLane and All Traffic. Choose the appropriate lane, have your passport and any required visa paperwork ready and continue forward. If flagged, you will be directed to secondary for inspection. After this, you can enter McAllen.

Reynosa Aduana/Banjercito Locations

The Aduana and Banjercito are located in the large administrative buildings. You can find the exact location through this Google Maps link. The buildings are easily accessed when driving in both directions and they are well signed with a very large parking area.

Reynosa aduana and bancercito
Turn left here when traveling southbound.

Places to Stay Before and After Crossing

Both being cities, you will find a ton of options. The following are just a few of the closer options. If you travel closer to the city center in McAllen, the number of lodging options increases significantly.

McAllen Hotels Near the Border:

  • 9 Motel
  • International Motel
  • Super 8 by Wyndham
  • Hotel Texas Inn Suites

Reynosa Hotels Near Hidalgo International Bridge:

  • Holiday Inn Reynosa
  • Hotel Internacional
  • Hotel Posado San Antonia

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