Anzalduas International Bridge

If you are looking for the easiest border crossing from McAllen, Texas to Reynosa, look to the Anzalduas International Bridge or “Puente Anzalduas.” For folks wanting to access the city center of Reynosa, the Hidalgo International Bridge is better but for bypassing the traffic, Anzalduas is your best bet.

Overall, this border crossing is generally low traffic, simple and the aduana and banjercito are conveniently located in the same building. It’s ideal for reaching Monterrey or Saltillo quickly. Both are an easy day drive from the border.

Border Crossing Location: Find it on Google Maps Here

Current Wait Times: Anzalduas Wait Times for All Traffic, ReadyLane and Sentri Lane

Anzalduas Border Crossing Times: Open from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week.

RV Friendly: Yes! The fact that this route is outside the busy city streets of Reynosa is a major bonus as well.

Puente Anzalduas Border Crossing Instructions

Directions from USA to Border:

  1. From the US side, take Highway 396 South. This is also labeled as the Anzalduas Highway. It’s a nice, large road with multiple lanes. Continue until you reach the lanes with cameras and stop on the red light.
  2. When directed by the light, enter the camera lane and stop until it takes your photo and turns green to continue to the covered awning area. Wait again until directed and proceed to the next covered awning area.
Camera lanes just before the toll booth.

3. If you have an EZPass card, use the appropriate lane to continue. Otherwise, enter the toll station. We do not have current info on tolls for this bridge but have some cash ready.

4. Continue across the bridge. After you pass the Rio Grande River, you will enter Mexico. Use the declaracion lane if you have anything to declare. They may stop you for inspection or wave you through. After clearing the checkpoint, turn left into the parking lot for the Bancercito.

Bancercito and Aduana are in this building.

Directions from Mexico to USA Border:

  1. Highway 40 is the connection to the Puente Internacional Anzalduas crossing. You can catch the junction by traveling north on Highway 40 and staying left, skirting the city of Reynosa. Alternatively, you can drive highway 2 along the border and turn southeast on Highway 40.
  2. Enter the bridge road and stop at the white building on your left. This is where you will return the TIP and complete any additional Visa paperwork for Mexican residents, temp residents, etc. If you are a tourist, just return the TIP and jump back on the road.
  3. Enter the covered area to pay the bridge toll. Again, we do not have current toll fee schedules. They are progressive for large vehicles however.
  4. After clearing the toll booth, drive across the bridge. It’s a fairly long bridge and you will cross the Rio Grande which is the official border. Continue north until you reach the lanes and choose the appropriate section. Sentri is far left and all traffic to the right. Continue through customs and have your passport and visa paperwork ready.
US Customs at the Anzalduas Bridge

Aduana/Banjercito Locations

These are super easy to locate and access. When crossing into Mexico or into the USA, it’s the white building on your left. You will find a big parking lot with plenty of space. It’s not hectic and with both offices in the same building, this is a pretty quick way to obtain your FMM and TIP or to return your TIP.

Places to Stay Before and After Crossing

You have quite a few options on both sides of the border crossing. In Mexico, many of the hotels and motels are closer to the traffic zones in Reynosa

US Side of the Border:

  • The Bungalows on Shary has 3 stars and is the closest option.
  • Oleander Acres RV Resort is ideal for RVers crossing at Anzalduas.
  • Holiday Inn & Suites in Mission is also very close.

Reynosa Lodging Options:

  • City Express is close to the Highway 40 junction at the bridge entrance.
  • Motel Fiesta is just before the junction on the southern side.
  • BH Business Hotel is near the junction and has high ratings.

Before your cross the Puente Anzalduas, grab your Mexican car insurance from Cross Border Coverage. You are legally required to carry Mexican insurance and we are here to help you find affordable rates!