Eagle Pass Border Crossing

The Eagle Pass border crossings are popular options for travelers. RVers are especially keen on these as they are pretty straight forward and you can catch Highway 57 South in Mexico which is a great route to Monterrey, Saltillo and San Miguel de Allende.

You have two international bridge options that are fairly similar and not far apart from each other. Either is great for passenger vehicles. Bridge II is best for RVs and commercial trucks.

Check the Cameras Before Crossing!

Both bridges have live stream cameras that are great for research. They will help you get a feel for the flow of things. You can also use the video to check border lines while planning your own crossing at Eagle Pass. Cameras are available in both directions as well. This is super handy when crossing back into the United States.

Eagle Pass – Piedras Negras Border Crossing Steps

It’s about as simple as they come. Crossing into Piedras Negras is very intuitive and it’s generally a friendly border. Crossing back into the USA is also easy (for citizens). Turn in your TIP at Allende because it has longer hours and is open on weekends.

After turning in the TIP, head to the border and cross back on either bridge. Non US citizens will need their visa paperwork handy to enter the United States.

Where Do I Get a TIP and FMM in Piedras Negras or Eagle Pass?

There are a few options for a banjercito after crossing the border at Eagle Pass. We have a photo below showing the location at International Bridge II. The other option is about 50km to the south. You can stop at Allende and do everything there. It’s super easy and has plenty of space for those RVs and bigger rigs.

International Bridge I Crossing Instructions

Texas 57 to International Bridge I is a direct and easy route. Follow the red light, green light system into the covered border crossing and have cash prepared to pay a toll. You can pay in USD and the toll is $4 (subject to change).

After paying the toll, you will enter the bridge and cross the Rio Grande River. There is a pedestrian option on the bridge as well. If you have nothing to declare, enter the lane for “nothing to declare” and follow the red light, green light system.

They may flag you to inspection or let you pass on through. If you have something to declare, make sure to enter the correct lane so you can present receipts and pay the tax on any commercial items crossing the border.

After inspection, you will enter Piedras Negras and can visit the Banjercito in town or continue to Allende. The option in Piedras Negras is located on the other side of town at the International Bridge II which is a quick drive.

Don’t cross back over however as it’s easy to funnel into the crossing. Stay on hte road adjacent until you reach the parking area.

Hours: 7 am – 10:45 pm

International Bridge I Wait Times: Very short wait on average. Find the current times here.

International Bridge II – Camino Real Bridge Crossing Instructions

There is plenty of space for RVs here and big trucks use this crossing daily. It also makes a quick highway connection so you don’t need to navigate narrow streets in town.

Take the same highway south and turn on South Monroe Street to reach the crossing. The process for crossing the border is very similar here. You will pass under a big covered area that has a red light, green light system.

After emerging on the other side, you will see the border lanes. If you have an express pass, choose that lane. All other travelers will choose a cash lane, pay the toll and enter the bridge crossing over the river. After crossing the bridge, you will choose a declare lane or nothing to declare lane and continue into Mexico.

The Bancercito is located here as well. Look at this photo to see the location and the parking options.

You can handle the FMM and TIP right here or continue to Allende to complete your paperwork. It’s nice to have everything done so you can hit the road.

Hours: Open 24 hours

International Bridge II Wait Times: Short entering Mexico but it can be busy on the return trip. Find the current wait times here.

That’s all! Before crossing border, grab your Mexican insurance in Eagle Pass. You can hop online get great rates and instant issue policies anytime through our site. Safe travels.