Baja Travel Insurance – What Policy is Right for You?

So you’ve planned a Baja adventure and want to carry insurance for peace of mind. It’s a good idea for a number of reasons. Baja is made for adventure and you might find yourself whale watching, snorkeling with sea lions and hiking to hidden waterfalls in the mountains. 

It’s paradise to say the least.

On trips of this nature, there are always risks. Tour operators can cancel trips and occasional injuries and accidents do happen. They are the exception, not the rule and insurance can save your butt in these scenarios.

Types of Travel Policies to Consider for Baja

The coverage chosen is always relative to your risk tolerance and the type of trip you take. Think about it like this, if you’re young and just winging a trip south in an old van, you likely have less to lose in terms of value and have better health overall.

Personally, I ran without a policy for many years in my youth. Now, I carry a fairly robust travel policy in Mexico and I feel better having it. Before you jump into the coverages below, take a look at your auto policy as well. Many of the Mexican car insurance policies we sell have some travel benefits attached (roadside, assistance, repatriation of remains, etc.)

Medical Evacuation is Coverage Everyone Should Carry

At a bare minimum, carry medical evacuation (medevac) for your Baja trip. It’s the Oh S**T option when things turn for the worst. Keep in mind, Baja is very close to the United States. With this coverage, you can choose a home hospital in the United States and they will transport you to this location.

We have Medical Assistance and Emergency Medical Transportation baked into all of our policies.

Travel Medical coverages are also something to consider for your trip south. We have line items for emergency dental coverage, medications and more in our plans. The levels of coverage chosen depend on personal preferences.

Travel coverages are the next level that will appeal to many folks visiting Baja. They are especially attractive for folks flying down but also appeal to drivers. Flight delays, lost luggage, trip cancellation, protected purchases and assistance for things like lost documents and identification are all incredibly valuable.

Ultimately, you can lean into the travel insurance policy for a very broad range of issues.

How We Structure Travel Insurance for Baja

Shopping policies are often confusing and in many cases, there are too many options. That’s why we wrap a broad range of common-need coverages into three levels of policies. It’s easy, the line-items are very clear and it means you can find a great option for any budget.   

Platinum – Most Robust

More coverage comes at the highest price point. For folks with flights, expensive tours, resort stays and big plans – this is your best option. From lost luggage to things like early return if a direct relative is hospitalized, you are covered. You will find medical coverages, travel coverages and transportation coverages at the highest levels.

Gold – Mid-Range

You will find many of the same line-item coverages with generous medical emergency services/coverage. It still has trip cancellation, luggage, hotel expenses and plenty more. The Gold plans fit a broad range of travelers and are very popular with our road trippers and fly down travelers in Baja.

Silver – Value Option

We really like this for road trippers in Baja because the coverage limits are still robust enough to really help in minor or major emergencies. It has many of the same medical and travel coverage line items at lower rates. It’s great for young singles and couples with flexible travel plans and the desire to have a solid foundation for emergency medical, medical and travel coverage.

Don’t Leave It To Chance! Buy a Baja travel insurance policy to adventure with confidence.