Naco Border Crossing

If you want to skip the chaos of busy Mexican border crossings, look to Naco. They have two lanes but typically only keep a single lane open because traffic is low. The reason for this is the lack of highway convenience to central Mexico for most travelers. The Douglas/Agua Prieta crossing isn’t far to the east and it has several major highway connections.

You can however cut across the desert and mountains to Hermosillo and continue to the southern Sea of Cortez and Pacific coast. Overall, this is a fantastic crossing and one that is very beginner friendly. If you have a destination that intersects with Highway 15, consider using the Naco Border Crossing.

Pertinent Port of Entry Info:

Naco Border Hours: 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week

Wait Times: Find the Naco Border Wait Times Here.

RV Friendly: You can cross here in an RV. Commercial trucks have clearance so your RV should be fine.

Naco Border Crossing Instructions

Looking at the map, you would logically think Townsend Avenue will direct you south from Naco, AZ to the Mexico entry. This is wrong however (Google led me in the wrong direction). You must follow the Naco Highway along the border fence into the crossing area. As the border fence ends, you will see buildings and a barricade. Stay right of the barricade and follow the signs.

Here’s the view just before reaching the Port of Entry for Mexico:

As stated, there are two lanes but one is often closed as the low traffic rarely warrants two lanes for entering Mexico. Most of our reports have this crossing at roughly 30-minutes but it was quicker for me and that included a quick search. You can drive to Cananea to visit the Banjercito for a Temporary Import Permit as well. It’s just over a half hour to reach this location.

You won’t need a TIP if you only visit Naco, Mexico but anyone continuing south will require this paperwork for their vehicle. You will also need Mexican Car Insurance after crossing the border.

The Aduana location is very obvious and is right in the crossing. You will need to inquire to see if it’s open with all of the construction.

Driving from Mexico into the USA at Naco:

As with any border crossing, traffic is generally heavier traveling north. That said, this crossing rarely has delays and you can often expect to cross in less than one hour. USA residents should have a passport ready and foreign travelers will need visa paperwork. The US Customs office is convenient at the border for those requiring visa paperwork and passport stamps.

US Customs Naco Arizona

Where to Stay Before or After Crossing the Border

On the USA Side, you have some great options for lodging and experiences. This is a history rich area with plenty of cool places to explore. The Bisbee RV Park at Turquoise Valley is super convenient.

The town of Bisbee is just to the north and it has a great historic mining town history. America’s Best Value Inn and Suites is a good option in Bisbee and it’s convenient to breweries, restaurants and town attractions.

On the Mexico side, Motel Colonial is right on the border. Motel Cowboy is located on the southern edge of town and it has nice parking and clean rooms. Finding a room shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s a major holiday with celebrations in town.

The Naco Border was once a 24/7 crossing but it now has limited hours. They are still generous and this is a great place to enter or exit either country!