Mexico Motorcycle Insurance

Finding Mexico motorcycle insurance is a breeze with our instant quote comparison form. We have a long list of motorcycles eligible for coverage and you can purchase and print online in minutes.

Perfect for:

  • Flexible term needs. Daily, 6-month and annual policy options.
  • Multiple liability limit options
  • Options for legal assistance and travel assistance.
  • Road trippers and riding on primary Mexican road systems

Liability vs Full Coverage for Mexico Motorcycle Insurance

The type of motorcycle, year and value will determine the coverage options. Older bikes that are low in value will often qualify for liability coverage with flexible 3rd part limits. We still recommend the $300,000 or $500,000 liability limits for maximum coverage.

Standard coverage policies can go beyond liability only by providing coverage for total theft and physical damage. Legal assistance, roadside assistance, medical evacuation and MedEvac to your home hospital of choice are also offered on many standard plans. MedEvac is not always offered on 6-month and annual plans however so double check the coverage when comparing policies from our insurers.

Motorcycles with higher values often qualify for extended coverage that goes beyond the 3rd party liability policies. The extended coverage still has 3rd party liability with additional physical damage, total theft and vandalism coverage. You can also gain US Labor Rates for repairs made when the motorcycle is returned to the United States. Legal assistance and roadside assistance are frequently included.

Fill out our quick and painless Mexico motorcycle insurance quote form and you can compare policy options and pricing from Mexico’s top insurers. The coverage options are listed for each policy, making it easy to shop for the best fit and best price.

Off-Road Motorcycle Use

Motorcycle insurance policies are only applicable for driving on primary Mexico roadways. Off road use is not included in the policies offered. You can check your primary Mexican auto insurance policy for coverage on towed units which is typically automatic. This means your off-road book is often covered while being towed on a trailer but not while being driven on trails and off-road tracks.

Riding dual sport or cruising motorcycles in Mexico is a great way to explore the country. The Baja Peninsula is especially popular for cruising along the ocean and through the desert. Amazing views, great camping and quaint towns dot the landscape.

Locals utilize motorcycles for daily travel on a large portion of the mainland and you will find everything from smooth cruising routes to spiraling mountain roads. It’s a great way to travel and you can rest assured knowing your Mexico motorcycle insurance has you covered.