Camping in Baja

Camping in Baja California means endless beaches, hot springs, snorkeling and dreamy campsites to enjoy.

kikis rv park san felipe
Camping in Baja

Camping in San Felipe Baja

For those who want a short drive from the border to reach big sandy beaches on the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is an attractive destination. It’s always my first stop on the road south and my last on the return trip. I love the number of camping options in […]

camping in rosarito
Camping in Baja

Camping in Rosarito Mexico

Only 30 minutes south of Tijuana is the seaside destination of Rosarito, Mexico. Located in the northern Baja peninsula, this town is known for epic surf breaks and for being a convenient getaway that doesn’t require long drives farther down the peninsula. Visitors will find resorts, a vibrant nightlife and […]

camping in baja
Camping in Baja

Camping in Baja – The Complete Guide

Camping in Mexico? Seriously! That’s what I thought many years ago when I first drove across the border into Baja. I quickly realized that the Baja Peninsula is the perfect camping destination. I’ve since camped all over Mexico and there are tons of amazing spaces and places to pitch a […]

Dirt road near Ensenada
Camping in Baja

Camping in Ensenada – Baja, Mexico

You might be surprised by the opportunities for camping in Ensenada. The city is full of RV parks and campgrounds with spaces or tents, campervans, RVs and basic car camping setups. Many of these places also operate vacation rentals to offer different lodging options for groups and individuals. I remember […]